I’m having worse anxiety on lexapro which doesn’t make sense bc it’s supposed to help with my anxiety and panic attacks
Does it get better over time? I’ve been o it for a few weeks but I rly hope it helps bc my anxiety has been a lot worse


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  • Chickenjeans


    This is pretty specific to my situation, so I’m not sure if it will help. That being said, my anxiety got worse on Lexapro because I actually had ADHD. I’m properly medicated for that now and my anxiety has improved tremendously

    • lilypetal


      I have adhd too lol does that affect how the meds affect me? I’m also on adhd meds but I’m not taking them everyday bc of the side effects but yeah😬are u still taking the lexapro with adhd meds or no?

  • Lucichan


    My anxiety and depression was wayyy worse on Lexapro

  • StrawberryBanana


    All I can say is please let your healthcare provider know how you’re feeling :) they will take it from there!!

  • ebraedrus


    Ooh it really depends - my mom's been on it for years and it's helped tons, you could still be in the black box. HOWEVER, for me lexapro completely destroyed all my emotions and I was a blank slate with more anxiety so uhhhh personally didn't vibe



    I was on lexapro when I was still a teenager and didn’t have problems. I’m 25 now and have been on it for a month and am also having worsened anxiety and sense of panic. :/

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