does anyone else kind of feel a little like…wired from welbutrin? like i know it’s a mood enhancer (or mood stabilizer?) but sometimes i feel too pumped up. and coffee makes me sooooo jittery. idk maybe this is dumb i’ve just been thinking about it. and i think i remember someone comparing it to adderall the other day



Nausea and Vomiting

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  • NEW


    I never had a problem with welbutrin being really wired. But it does keep me focused and wide awake when I needed it

  • StrawberryBanana


    I started taking it in a bigger dose recently and I feel like I took cocaine. My 8 hour work day yesterday felt like 3. Ur not alone, pls tell ur doctor what’s up and they’ll take it from there 💕

  • CaesarZeppli


    i actually have not had any side effects (besides no suicidal thoughts haha) but that’s pretty weird. i was on adderall and the only side effects i got were headaches, nausea, and vomiting if i didn’t eat before taking it

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