So, I kinda self diagnosed myself with celiac disease as I couldn’t afford to test it.
I told everyone that I had celiac- cause my symptoms aligned perfectly. Anytime I have anything with wheat I vomit and get the worst nausea of my life
I cut out gluten a year ago and felt so much better- literally chnaged my life
I finally got a test- and it was negative.
I’m confused- I’ve had nausea for all of life and it’s been severe-

My problem is I already told everyone I was diagnosed when I wasn’t
And now that it’s negative I don’t know how to go back and tell everyone it’s negative

I also read online and it says that if you already cut out glutne than it can come up negative which is what I really think happened- as I legitimately vomit and have horrible diarrhea anytime I eat gluten

Would it be unethical for me to keep saying I have celiac even though I’m negative? I don’t have the money or the mental energy to eat gluten again and get another test

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  • Kat1303


    It is absolutely acceptable. I had cut gluten out of my life for two years before getting tested for celiac, and my allergist told me that even though it says negative, there's a high chance I am celiac because of how my body used to react to anything with gluten. It's totally okay

  • Jea


    unethical? definitely not. saying you have celiac doesn’t hurt anyone. the reason you should make sure is for your own health! i have celiac as does my entire family, and ALL of our blood tests came back negative. do a stool test if you haven’t already! that’s where we found out we actually did have it, apparently it’s much more accurate than the blood test. it’s a little weird but it’ll be good to see what your results come back as lmao. if you really don’t wanna have gluten again though, F it- say whatever you want to people! the reason it would be good to make sure though is because there are other things celiac can be indicative of which you might wanna test for- i found out i had a genetic condition which was suspected due to multiple reasons including confirmed celiac disease. the point is- you could always just have a strong sensitivity or allergy to gluten without actually having celiac, but you don’t owe anyone an explanation and if just saying you have celiac is easier i don’t see why you shouldn’t say it. if you decide you’re willing to go through eating gluten again to try the stool test it could help you progress in your medical journey though. good luck!

    • Mysteria


      thank you- my fear is that I’ve told my mom and my long term partner that I was diagnosed and I wasn’t- what if we go to the doctors together and it somehow comes out the test was negative. Even though I know I have it- and if I didn’t tell them that I was diagnosed they wouldn’t have taken it seriously

      • Jea


        do you normally go to the doctors together? do you feel like if you tell your mom the truth she won’t take you seriously?

  • Foxlover


    I’ve been gluten free for fifteen years , and yes I think that’s why it came back negative. I don’t know what grocery stores you have where you live, but there’s a lot of gluten free options . Also if you go online you can find some restaurants, a lot of places have options now.

  • slothlovee


    Yes, celiac tests almost always come back negative if you’ve been avoiding gluten for at least several weeks! You are completely valid to tell whoever you want.. I have had the same situation!!

  • Kat1303


    Find me gluten free is a great app!

  • maharahnee


    Sorry for your dilemma. Pays to be truthful but done is done. Being sensitive to gluten or grains is not criminal. Live your life the best you can. Many people like myself have multiple sensitivities. Anxiety is part of the overall picture. Seek support from other areas and people. Trust in God. Prov. 3:5,6.



    I totally think it is acceptable to say it. So many people get confused by all of the different reasons for not eating gluten and if saying you have celiacs makes it easy for them to understand then totally ok. Also since you cut out gluten before the test it is very likely the test was inaccurate as you have to have a certain amount for damage to show up. Do what’s easiest for you and keeps you and the good you eat safe.

  • LogansMum


    What happens with coeliac is, everyone has fingers in their intestine called villi. When you have gluten, those villi get eroded. If you've been a year without gluten those villi grow back, that could be the reason you came back as negative for coeliac.

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