does/did anyone here have/had migraines mainly around your period? did the birth control pill help with it?


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  • E11iefant


    If anything, bc made it worse. :(

    • zebra2022


      do you know which one it was that made or worse

      • E11iefant


        I’ve been on a few different pills, I don’t remember the names of them. They were the WORST for my migraines. Right now I have a mirena IUD, it’s a little better but still not great.🤷‍♀️

  • Adriana777


    I had a migraine every time my period started. I started taking the bc pill and they immediately stopped. It only helps with the hormonal migraines however. I do still get migraines otherwise.

  • Snowy


    Yep. Or at least that's the pattern I'm starting to see. I take BC to avoid periods, so I think it lengthens the time between migraine bouts. But before my period, it will be like every other day :/

  • Brick.Mel.Puff


    I tried a BC to delay my periods 3 months in between but because I get aura, the BC actually made my migraines significantly worse and I had them almost every day. I switched to the paragard non hormonal IUD and now have only had 6-7 migraines since end of summer/ beginning of fall of 2021

  • Fluffsy


    I typically get a migraine every month before my period starts (and also just throughout the month) and for me when I went on birth control it got dramatically worse. Not to scare you and there were other reasons too but I decided I just can’t go on hormonal birth control again. Im not sure about non hormonal options, I’m also currently pregnant and the pregnancy is also making the migraines worse so I think my body just doesn’t like hormones haha

  • incogneato


    I still had migraines while on the mini-pill but they were significantly better than when I was off of it

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