I am starting to gwt depressed. I feel like nothing I do matters. My support system either works too much or lives three hours away. Since my family except one of my siblings are narcisstic, gaslighting and selfish people I can't even count on them. I am struggling with this really badly today and I don't know what to do. I need someone in my corner and I feel like I have no one.


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  • Camie


    My family's been like that too. Not alone. Yep, you, your words, your actions matter. Glad you reached out for support here.

  • jerrielyn


    My family is tired of it. My biggest support is one of my brothers and he thinks I can snap myself out of it. With everything else he's amazing. I can't snap out of it. I've had mdd since I was a child.

  • Mr_Glowtoad


    I'm struggling with it now. Walks in the woods help to soothe me, and I have a little mind game that helps me stop going in circles in my mind. It won't "snap you out of it" (what can?) but I feel like it helps me start to move back upwards out of the darkness. I've taken meditation classes, but my inattentive ADHD, coupled with a throat problem that makes me snore when I get too relaxed, makes it hard to do. Walking meditation is okay I guess, in the woods, if the path is smooth enough to not pay attention too. Most of this is just to try to spend time outside of my own head, which is the worst place to hang out when I am depressed. Hang on, you can make it through this.

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