how concerned should I be about cervical instability of the spine? my head feels like it's sliding off sometimes and I wonder.

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  • Brynn36


    Depends. I mean I would get it evaluated. I had CCI and chiari. It was so bad it was life threatening for me by the time I had surgery. For 99% people it’s not the case but it can be serious. I had horrible neurological symptoms at that point and could barely walk a few steps. I have permanent spinal and nerve damage because it went undiagnosed so long. But I never felt like my head was falling or sliding. It was more popping, shooting pains down my arms and legs, neurological issues, pins and needles in arms and legs and places where I didn’t have feeling in my arms and legs. I have had lots of issues with my hardware and am in more pain post surgery then before because of the hardware so don’t recommend a fusion unless 100% needed.

    • AudaCity


      ok that's VERY useful I have had x rays done in the past which confirmed my head slides about 5 mm side to side but everyone was like "eh wear a neck brace about it" and now I'm finding out I had nerve pain going undiagnosed for years and I'm just not very hype about the direction that seems to be going.

      • Brynn36


        yeah I mean it’s 100% worth looking in to for sure. I don’t think it’s an emergency you need to run to the ER over. Beat advice is to find a good EDS neurosurgeon. Facebook groups for EDS and CCI or chiari are good resources to find local doctors. I had to go out of state but it was worth it. Does the brace help relieve symptoms?

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