I'm doing so badly right now, I'm so terrified of being alone. I've been without a single friend before, and I'd rather die than go through that again. I'm not strong enough. I'm so worried about my best friend leaving. I know inevitably one day she's gonna move away and I'm so scared. I wish I could just be a permanent part of someone's life.


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  • pfftl0ser


    my best friend moved away a while ago and i'm doing better with that whole thing recently. i was very depressed and alone until i started my first day or high school. typically nobody likes it but it's the best thing EVER. i met my friends by building up the confidence to join clubs and actually talk to people. it's hard at first but you have to realize you're better than your anxiety and it's worth it. if you're not in school, i would say the same thing, reach out and find groups that you can go to that share the same interests as you. remember it ALWAYS gets better

  • rpatzvibes


    I hear you. Just know to never do anything permanent in the heat of the moment bc things do, do get better

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