Hi. I'm trying to learn more about my illness. Dr said is trauma based, and the fainting might not go away. How can you get your dr to actually listen to you and not blow it off?

Disorder of Autonomic Nervous System

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  • Angiebear35


    I think you can't force anyone to change, you just have to find a new doctor. I have been investing for many years whether my dysautonomia is a result of my concussion, or emotional trauma or both...or something else...I don't think doctors have the time or patience to actually get to the cause, and sometimes it's just impossible to get to the cause. Biofeedback especially HRV training helped me immensely. Check out the POTS treatment center in Dallas (I did it online). Anything that can reduce stress and especially relax the ANS can reduce symptoms.

  • Momo920


    I was originally referred to Mayo in Florida. Currently at Duke. Have new neurologist w/epilepsy clinic next month. Maybe she'll listen.

  • Liaka


    I've gone through 12 primary doctors and 3 cardiologist and 1 heart and rhythm specialist who brushed me off and said it was anxiety. ๐Ÿ˜… I kept looking and finally found a doctor who was FURIOUS knowing that the others didn't listen and that I have ANS. He made me feel validated and confirmed I wasn't going crazy. The best advice I can give is be your best advocate. When one doctor failed me, I moved to the next until someone looked at my charts and heard me. I have Orthostatic Hypotension and ANS. Even though going through this every day sucks, at least I can mentally and emotionally manage as I finally have a care team who listens and who gave me answers. With my old cardiologist I demanded a loop recorder cause I knew something wasn't right. Him and my heart and rhythm specialist gave me contradictive findings. My cardiologist initially was surprised I knew about a ILR and tried talking me out of it. My cardiologist and heart and rhythm specialist now are glad I pushed for it cause it helps them to better help me.

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