My parents went into my room yesterday but I had a few things hidden because it's private.

They found everything that was hidden...


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  • beingnotseeming


    I’m sorry your parents invaded your space and found your private items. That’s terrible of them

  • avian


    that's awful of them. just because they're your parents doesn't mean they have the right to invade your privacy like that, i'm sorry you have to deal with that

  • shoe


    I hate when parents do this! For me the older I got the less inclined they felt to check my phone or go threw my stuff. It WILL get better as time goes on. Try not to think about that they went threw your stuff or that they might again. Remember that you are your own person. And they won't always have control over you.

  • Nalabird


    I'm so sorry, this must feel like you've been betrayed. 😥 Unfortunately parents do feel responsible to keep their kids (whatever their age) safe. I don't know but maybe their intentions were good but perhaps there are better ways they could have dealt with the situation. I hope you & your parents can sit down & discuss boundaries for the future so that your space is respected.

  • lotusvera


    You deserve privacy and I'm so sorry your parents dont respect that 😥

  • Drewsdad08


    If you can afford to, go to a store and buy a lockbox. You deserve to have a your eyes only space

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