I am so overweight that it is really hard to get up sometimes. my knees hurt. Can anyone suggest exercise that is easy on the knees?

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  • stitchtastic


    Chair yoga no joke 👍

    • Sunshine_Sue


      I agree. I used to do that. It’s wonderful. Now I sit in a chair and lift my legs and arms in different positions. Similar to chair yoga.

  • Kimmy72


    I have the same things going on with me right now. I was told to do aquatic exercises or use a low bike at the YMCA to pedal.

  • Goldengal92


    Swimming, water aerobics, got a knee injury and it’s the least difficult for me. It’s also relaxing, so that’s a plus.

  • Connie48036


    I agree swimming is the best but not everyone is willing to put on a bathing suit in public, like me. Go to Google and search for McKenzie knee exercises. You may not be able to do some of them but many are seated and they help with better movement. Good luck!

  • Marmy



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