How do you get/keep a job with severe social anxiety? i’m 22 and i only had one job for a month. i was in constant panic and it was the worst. so where do you guys work or recommend?

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  • Kid


    Maybe try an online job? That’s what I currently do, Something remote will make it a bit easier to get through those hard days while in the comfort of being at home

  • Julie_Marie


    I had an extensive 30+ years in the medical field. I used to work from home doing medical billing and proofing medical reports from dictated medical reports at the end of my career. You need to take classes for both. Is that something you may be interested in? I am much older than you now at 50. I am permanently disabled and can no longer work. I get SSDI.

    • Cvprisun


      i’m much interested!

  • PWB414


    Online? Self employment where you work with your own selective clientele? Maybe something in accounting where it is little Communication with the clients? Or just continue to face your fears.

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