my coach doesn’t think i have asd but i just relate way too heavily to pretty much every symptom of it to believe her. + i have a feeling she only thinks that because of my masking. i just really don’t think im wrong about this,, nothing had ever made sense my whole life until i told myself i could be autistic and i’ve been doing research for years, i think about this literally every single day. should i continue to seek out diagnosis and find a real therapist? or should i stay with her???

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Amaryllis


    In my opinion, unless it’s someone who is an autism specialist and has given you tests or observed you over time, they shouldn’t tell you s#it about what you are or aren’t. If you think you are and want a diagnosis, then pursue one b

  • Emo_Enby_99


    You should ask to be referred to a specialist for testing, if you're not it was just whatever, but if you are it'd help you qualify for more benefits



    One thing I've found helps immensely and is still inteinsically part of the western autist experience: self-dx and being your own advocate. Try going to aspietests.org or embraceautism.net and take the whole battery of tests, especially the CAT-Q, and then save and print your results and show them to your doctors. If you score high-aspie, every test's results page will show a warning message that you should seek professional diagnosis. Just printing your results and letting the organization's warning speak for itself/you could be enough to actually get you the proper attention you need. Doctors can be pigheaded and slow to admit missing things or being wrong or having a patient get something before them. Let them feel like theyre telling *you* to follow their referral 🙄👍

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