Hi, new here. How do you go about talking to your family about recent bad severe episodes of both anxiety and depression? A little bit of background. I am the younger sister of a brother with disability and have always felt left behind in someway. Basically I feel like a burden when I ask for help. Because I know my brother needs more.


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  • KittyKatKuo


    Hello there ✋ it really depends on how close you are with your family and the dynamic. If rather on good terms and you just feel you need to constantly feel guilty asking for help or voicing your needs cuz your brother is higher needs then: say it anyways. You are just as important as are your needs even if you convince yourself someone else is more important or needs ur parents attention more. If your struggling reach out to them, you may feel guilty at first but it pays off to have people in ur corner while shit is bad. As to how to go about it there's no guide to it, you just tell them your struggles and how it's been effecting you as of late, let them really hear you out. If possible do it face to face with them if you feel that will be good backup people. Now don't be too surprised if not everyone can or will be your back up as all family members are different and not all will understand so reach out to the one you are closer with first.

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