Does anyone else feel like they’re more prone to anal fissures/tears because of weak skin? I find that any time I go through bouts of constipation I have pain and bleeding.

Generalized pain

Chronic Constipation

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

Edema & Anasarca

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  • Tomato


    I used to see blood on the toilet paper after using the bathroom. My doctor checked and said there are several cuts there but nothing more serious. I have no idea if the EDS caused it…

  • jemappelletony


    OH. MY. GOD. YESSSSSS. I have been bleeding rectally since 2000 (no lie or exaggeration, plus I have Crohn’s disease).

  • Elisa


    Yess it's so annoying! I can't do anything about it!

  • Dolley


    So many tears. And I have very bad chronic constipation which helps the situation sooooo much. /s

  • Allie_May



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