Well I still have Afib but I had to have a pacemaker put in due to my heart rate was dipping as low as 33 and stopping between 5 & 6 seconds while I was sleeping. I have had it for a month and I sleep better and feel better. A lot more energy. I have a monitor on my bed side. Looks just like an iPhone. Has anyone out there have one and if you do how is it working for you?

Atrial fibrillation

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  • Jimjj


    Hi Ceig, I have had a fib for many years now and cannot tolerate beta blockers. Had two ablation which at first were successful but it’s back again and been recommended for a pace and ablate! How does your pace maker affect exercise, I’m 63 and try to stay active and I’m just concerned that a pace maker is very final “no going back”. I have recently seen a forum which talks about Vagal AF and it is my symptoms exactly. It say that research is still on going? https://www.richardbogle.com/blog/vagal-af-if-you-dont-consider-it-you-will-miss-it I now need to decide where to go next with treatment, try and carry on managing as best I can, pace maker or wait to see if new procedures come along.

    • Ceig


      I have had my pacemaker now for five months. It will not control your Afib but I find I have had a lot less episodes. I am on no other medication for it. I have been averaging 3 episodes a month. My heart rate at night was dropping down to 33 bpm. They have my pacemaker set to go no lower than 60. I have no problem exercising

  • Mr._Gary


    I have AFib also. I am on oxygen at night for Nocturnal Oxygen Desaturation. My oxygen at night was dipping into the 80s. Now I notice that my bpm is going down; presently in the 40s at night. Should I consult my pulmonologist or cardiologist?

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