I have been struggling with my depression and anxiety for years. I lost my 5 year old grandson to a horrible accident a couple years ago and since I have also been diagnosed with PTSD. I struggling with so much. In march of this year I was rear-ended while stopped for a school bus. I have a lot of issues with my back now but my big concern is that yesterday my Dr said she wants to have me tested for short term memory loss. My stress and anxiety are going crazy at the thought of that. Does anyone have experience with short term memory loss? Any advice?

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  • Sissy2


    I have short term memory loss and it only bothers me sometimes most of the time I don’t care . I also have back issues but mine are minor compared to my son who is having surgery on wed. For his spine getting fused 5 discs vertebrae removed and replaced with donor bone a cage built to hold all this together and screws pins it’s a huge surgery so it makes my problems seem not so bad!

    • 1_lucky_gma


      I pray all goes well for your son.

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