Man, I went to sleep early for once last night instead of going in at 5am (I fell asleep around 1am I think) but I only slept for around an hour and woke up because of a dream….then after that I couldn’t sleep until 7am and woke up within an hour AGAIN because of another dream. Sigh, at least it’s 9am and I’m up I guess. This is the earliest I’ve been up in a while but….I’m so tired. Hopefully it will help me sleep early because I’m tired and actually stay asleep this time.


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  • TrinityyLogann


    I had a similar experience last night. I usually tend to sleep to much and sleep as a distraction from the world. But I kept waking up last night. So annoying.

  • nalabean


    i understand so much, i struggle to sleep almost every night. i would say to just go on with your day as best as you can and go to bed early with no distractions! cbd has helped me a lot with falling asleep also

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