Anyone else feel like fluoxetine takes away any and all motivation? At least when you're at home? I've been postponing so many things and I never used to procrastinate this bad before I was on these meds. Just makes me feel insanely incapable. All I want to do at home is "be lazy" yet in my mind I really really want to be productive, I just can't bring myself to actually do the things I need and want to do. I hate feeling this way :(


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  • KarlyGalin


    I feel the same

  • EatenByWormy


    Yeah… I’m doing my best to be patient with it though. That saying- rest when you need to, because your body will do it if you don’t.

  • Spookyx



  • Mop


    Oh shoot, I've noticed I've been more low motivation than usual for a while now, never considered it could have been my switch to fluoxetine. Be kind to yourself and take things a step at a time. It is a terrible feeling. Take triumph in every task you succeed in doing despite not having the motivation, no matter how small.

  • theo.sophical


    i feel like a zombie on it. stopped taking it when i realized. trying to find a new medication.

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