So NET ( gastric ) removed 2/22
Had a gastrin blood test b12 and folic acid
Waiting for 2 more tests related to my cancer to come back!

My question is why am I still secreting so much Gastrin (1972)?
B12 was normal oddly enough , and folic acid was high

Wish I was stronger …

Neuroendocrine (Carcinoid) Tumors

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  • TriptychWitch


    There are a few reasons why you could still be overproducing gastrin. It's possible that there's a tiny bit of tumor still left or that some has grown back. That's not very common for stomach NETs but your docs might want to look into it. That's not the only reason this might be happening though, so I would definitely ask your doctor about it the next time you have an appointment with them!

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