I haven’t officially been diagnosed but I have picked my scalp and eaten scabs since I was a teenager. I suffer from PTSD and OCD and Anxiety disorder and the picking seems to help. I don’t even know if I am making sense. Never said this to anyone and can’t believe I’m even typing it. Sounds so gross. Don’t know what to do or how to stop because it gives me comfort. Anyone out there that can relate or does the same?

Dermatitis factitia

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  • ZiggyStardust


    Hey angelbehr you’re very brave! Even if you merely write your condition here, you’re helping those who may suffer from the same thing. Have you tried CBT? Or any meds?

  • Sunny9


    I've never told anyone either but I eat scabs/skin too. Thank you for sharing

  • AngelBehr


    Thank you all. I don’t know what CBT is. I eat scabs. Whew that was harder than the first one. I don’t even know how to begin a conversation like this with a doctor.

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