I dont know how to cope and constantly keep my head above water.. lately it feels like one completely stressful situation after another and Im trying my hardest to tough it out and wait for it to pass but I'm so completely stressed out and tired.. I have alot of health problems and recently I had a mrsa flare up, then a really bad stomach bug that made me not able to take my epilepsy medicine so I had a bad seizure and now my husband has a mrsa flare up worse than me with cellulitis and I'm worried sick and over thinking.. so I'm writing this out here so I can try to sleep but I'm struggling so much lately and nobody in my life except for my husband really understands me and how I'm feeling..I'm just tired but by no means am I giving up..



Cellulitis & Abscess

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  • hellafibrobefore


    I've had similar. I do a free YouTube subliminal for curing diseases mentally, physically and spiritually and switch to clean eating.

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