I got a testosterone pellet 5 weeks ago for hormone replacement therapy and I am feeling soooo much better BUT I hadn’t thought about how insanely slowly my body heals due to my immune disease and the insertion area still hurts. I’m already worried about moving to the next buttcheek for the next one and possibly having a doubly sore butt lol! Anyone have experience with other forms of testosterone? What worked? What didn’t? Also anyone with a pellet also have a sore butt for weeks on end?

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  • Kliney


    Yes! I did pellets for five years. I used an ice pack with a layer of towel between the pack and my skin. After that heals be sure and rub the area lightly to break down the scar tissue. After 5 years I had too much scar tissue built up and it became too painful to insert anymore. I am now on Androgel topical and still getting used to it

  • Clothesfree


    I prefer the cream or the gel style of testosterone reason being is that I can apply that everyday and I have an even level of testosterone in through my blood,. Tried other methods and it doesn't work for me cuz I hate crashing from it so the gel does not make me crash.❤️

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