I wanted to introduce myself my actual name is Chrystal, I've been a type 2 diabetic now since I turned 21 what feels like forever ago 😂 I'm now 35 and to be honest I'm struggling more now then when I first got diagnosed.

my last a1c was last year it was and is a wake up call let's just say that.

but here's the thing anytime I mentioned wanting to switch my medicine because believe me when I say it isn't helping at all or working at all my doctor ignores my request. I've been on metformin since I got diagnosed and really want to try a new medication to see if it will help me bring my numbers down and back into normal range.

first it was my new doctor wouldn't switch because I didn't have insurance then when I did she still said no and wanted me to up my night time insulin so I said I would I did and still running over 200 to 300.

when I got pregnant last year in the summer time and yes it was planned she wouldn't even put me on fast acting insulin she just said most of my diabetic pregnant patients do well on metformin and slow acting insulin at night.

and I believe because she didn't do that and I couldn't get it back in the 100s that I ended up with another miscarriage.

I'm so frustrated because no doctor will listen to me 😞

so I recently decided to join one share health it's a discount ministry health plan and I'm going to return to a endocrinologist once my membership is emailed to me.

because me and my husband Elijah Griffith really want our own family. and for me to be healthy again.

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  • Noemi


    Hello Chrystal. I am Noemi. I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. I have been Insulin Resistant/T2D for 20+ years. I hate Metformin! I don't really have any advice to offer, other than to keep advocating for yourself. Also, I am going to keep following this to see if anyone else gives some advice. Love and prayers to you friend.

  • Alberto


    Hello Chrystal, I’m Alberto. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! I wish you ALL the best!

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