I have been forced to face that I am NOT a spring chicken anymore. I hurt my hip putting on a shoe, to the point it made me immediately toss cookies from the pain. (I'm only 31) 😭 I've been applying to jobs that require me to be able to walk, run and lift and now I'm not sure how long I'm going to be down. I feel like every step forward I take, I fall back another 10.


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  • meridian


    What are you currently doing to mitigate the pain? That sounds awful :(

    • UnrisenPhoenix


      ibuprofen and Tylenol mainly, using ice for the swelling and light massage when it's tolerable. I can move my leg a little more today than I could yesterday when it happened, so I'm trying to stretch a little and reading to take my mind off it and keep myself in one place.

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