Do you ever get worried you're too far behind im life? I'm constantly anxious that I haven't graduated uni and become an independent adult yet, it makes me anxious and self conscious to think about ;;


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  • ThePacifistWhale


    All the time. I've been "in college" since 2017. It took me a long time to get to grips with the fact that college can be something you do at your own pace. If it takes you 4 years to get your degree...that's fine. If it takes you 10 years...that's fine, too. It all depends on you and the pacing you NEED not the pacing you WANT 🤗

    • Thistledawn


      honestly thats a reminder i needed to hear, i'm so bad about comparing my pace to others thank you for the comment 💕

  • bgill


    i’m in the same boat! i’ve been stressing about it a lot recently, seeing my friends and family all graduate and get jobs before i’m even close to being done. but just remember you can’t rush who you’re meant to be! you need the extra time and that’s okay! your journey is yours alone and it’ll be worth it in the end 💗

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