has bible atudying ever made anyone more anxious confused to rather their I trusive thoughts were God telling you to do something. my intrusive thoughts are very relationship based and religious based. I try and bible study and sometimes i get anxious.. I know I love my boyfriend and he is so good to me. I feel like I am going crazy.

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  • JoranTal


    I’m a spiritual mentor and future counselor specializing in religious trauma. The problem with the Christian religion as an institution is that those anxieties and fears can be portrayed that way. I recommend finding a universalist Christian church if you believe in the Christian path, because they are nowhere near as institutionalized and are much more welcoming and helpful as a community support

  • Brgrnlx


    Yes I can absolutely relate with this. Actually going through something similar at the moment. It is definitely an issue in my relationships and I’ve had a hard time overcoming this.

  • Strawberry_Princess


    Hey there!! I have this OCD specifically as well and I would be happy to send you tips on what really helped me!

  • Emoieroxo


    yes one trillion percent. i’ve personally had to step away from religion (christianity trauma) bc of the consistent confusion. TOTALLYYYYY comprehend you!

  • http.sunflower


    Yes I dealt with this too it’s called religious ocd. When I got too much anxiety and intrusive thoughts from religious things, I would take a step back and calm down with the amount of religious stuff I was doing. In my experience, I think I just got overwhelmed. I still kept having faith in God, but just toned it down so that I wouldn’t go into ocd mode.

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