when your going through that phase after a breakup that makes you start questioning many things.
like does love even exist? is there love at first sight? do we even get butterflies in our stomach when we see that person? will I always be alone? am I meant to not be with anyone? will my trust ever be the same again? can I even trust the next person? can I be happier with the next person? will this person leave me like everyone else?


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  • snhugirl


    Honestly that's exactly how I felt until I met my now husband. I always thought I was never good enough for any man. Also I was beaten and used by any other man I have been with. Love is real and love is pure. You just have to learn to put that trust in someone else. My husband and I now have 3 beautiful children with a fourth on the way due in January. My babies and my husband are my world. My babies are so precious to me because I was told I could never have children. My husband makes me feel butterflies any time I look at him. He's my everything and I never thought I would feel that way about someone ever again. So love does exist and it is possible to be happy with whomever comes into your life and loves you next.

  • Hannah_6


    A little over 5 years married now, I was actually still in a relationship with a controlling ex when I met my hubby at school. He helped me move on by He loved me for who I was and didn't change much. It's great how God gave me hubby and older brother figures all in one.

  • Loxi


    I'm going through the same thing right now. Like I'll never be able to trust anyone ever again or let anyone else in again. It's hard especially because you dont want to ever feel this hurt again. I found that just focusing on friends and family helps. Working on myself and digging deep to find out what I truly want in a partner. I'm learning to be content with just myself and enjoy my own company. Maybe someone else will come along but I'm not going to actively look. I want to be happy in own skin.

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