I just got diagnosed with TMJ (tempomandibular joints) today any tips from people who also have that disorder.

Temporomandibular joint disorders

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  • BrieMarie


    I have that too but treatment isn't covered by my insurance. Following this for any suggestions

  • klazikel


    Don't chew gum or hard candies. Seriously. Also find out if your insurance will cover physical therapy. I was on Medicaid and it was covered. I had massage and acupuncture and it was helpful. Get a night guard if you grind or clench your teeth in your sleep. Practice relaxing your jaw and neck.

    • Pandalover123


      Thank you so much

    • Elllie


      ah the gum chewing it’s hard to stop but I have to 🥺 it’s tightening my jaw when I do

  • Kathrina


    Be easy on your jaw and get an x-ray. Mine had the disk slip and the ball joint is now a triangle. Try and do preventative and corrective care asap

  • erinjaeger


    Be extra conscious of your mouth!! A lot of people clench naturally without realizing it and that can cause harm. When you catch yourself doing that try to keep your teeth from touching while still feeling natural! I hope this helps

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