Hi all, I’m really struggling with intense chest pain due to Costochondritis (my rib cartilage is really angry and inflamed) and found out 2 of my ribs are dislocated/separated from the cartilage. It hurts so much and all any Dr says is take Advil which my stomach can’t tolerate. Anyone else deal with this? Ideas to manage it?

Chronic Pain in Thoracic Spine

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • bookworm420


    TIGER BALM! My costrocondritis has been REALLY bad lately, & any time i wear a bra it flares up super bad. Tiger balm is the only thing that I have found to numb the pain!

    • KT_Lane


      I will try it, thanks! 😊

      • shimshim


        my friend just gave me some. Also another friend makes CBD oil for me

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