have any of y’all tried the implant as a form of birth control? or the IUD? How were the side effects when it came to symptoms of your mental health? I want to get the implant but im afraid it’ll make my bipolar symptoms even worse from the stories I’ve heard of people going on bc in general.

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  • clayought


    I first want to explore non-hormonal bc since im afraid it’ll make my mental health worse.

  • joyboy


    I don't have it, but my brother does. He hasn't mentioned any difference from before he got it, but I'll ask him to be sure!

  • vero444


    I have the IUD and it hasn’t affected me to terribly but when i got Depo Provera i gained a lot of weight and became very manic and suicidal especially bcs at the time i wasn’t diagnosed with my bipolar disorder so it really enhanced my bipolar symptoms.

  • vero444


    i love my IUD tho it’s been really good to me I have the skyla IUD it’s a smaller IUD so it’s not so painful

  • CactusCat


    I have the Kylena IUD. It hasn't affected my mental health at all... The cramps were awful at first, but that was the only side effect for me and it was so worth it even just for regulating periods.

  • smakrex


    im late to this conversation but i got the implant a few years ago and had to get it taken out a month later. i suddenly got so self destructive and felt out of control as soon as i got it, and after removing it i felt better. i think taking into consideration that hormones can affect mood even in non-bipolar people is important, especially if you already get pms. im personally thinking about getting the nonhormonal copper iud

    • clayought


      yea im trying to steer clear of anything that has hormones in it just because im afraid it’ll interact with my medication. IUD just seems very invasive, so if im going to get it, i dont want any terrible side effects, thus causing me to get it out sooner :/

  • HocusPocus


    I have the nexplanon implant. I remember it being pretty rough emotionally over the first year, which is a significant amount of time to be in a bad place. But now, after several years I feel more stable than I've been in a reeeally long time

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