Anyone deal with gaining weight while on remicade and already being obese? How do you manage? I already diet.

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  • Slayinya


    I tried that treatment awhile at that time i was close to 200. I drank more water and walked a bit more. While laying down i did some lag lifts and crunches nothing crazy no large amount just a bit what you can tolerate and then youll notice you an increase as you go. Important to set your pace tho

  • Cam4767


    Honestly I’ve never thought about this, but I’ve been on Remicade since 2011 and I used to never be able to gain weight, but I suddenly have since about 2020ish. At that time I was also on a SSRI and I am on BC, so idk if that played a part. But yes I do still have to be mindful of my weight even being off the SSRI, so maybe Remicade does play a role ? I honestly just keep up with my calories and try to workout when I can (treadmill, core exercises)

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