I am addicted to Dr. Pepper! I'm trying to lose weight, lower my a1c, and get pregnant! Any suggestions on alternatives/advise?

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • Alberto


    Hey - former Coke addict here! I couldn’t stand any diet soda, it tasted like medicine to me. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I moved to diet, and I got used to it. I tried normal coke again, and it was way too sweet for me. Now I try to only drink water and sometimes diet sodas. My advice to you is to try the diet Dr Pepper, and if you don’t like the taste, add a bit of sugar to it. Every time you drink have it with a little less sugar, until you don’t add anymore.

  • tiki


    I prefer Dr pepper zero over diet I feel like the zeros taste more like the regulars than the diets

  • Michael


    @tiki nailed it. Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar is my go to now. Coke No Sugar is my backup. I have totally left the diet soda aftertaste. Also, q lot of water.

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