I am suffering from a deep painful depression right now. I am maxed out on my medication and adjusting to a booster, but I am not finding any coping mechanisms to help. I just feel so empty and cold inside.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Lunabean


    I will definitely looking into some of these. My bestie always says I never take care of myself so the Finch self care pet app sounds great for me.

  • Blessmymess


    I am all of this and more. I have known for 20 years that something was not right with me mentally. I was just thrown prescriptions for Xanax even after telling several physicians I felt I had ADHD as well as extensive anxiety issues. Just four months ago I decided to get intense online therapy and have been diagnosed with ADD which is 80 HD without the H so the more depressive kind. Bipolar type two, extensive depression and anxiety disorder. I am just now trying to get used to different medications as well as going off of the Xanax altogether. This is really hard and feels like beating a dead horse. I just wish I would’ve gotten help 20 years ago.

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