I just had a panic attack. And I have no clue what caused it. I was perfectly fine, then all of a sudden I broke down. Is this normal? Does this happen to anyone else?


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  • Cam99


    I've had this happen to me before its normal! Just take some time, and then a while after it passes when your back on the ground it's good to look back on what happened. But in the mean time just focus on whatever you do to bring yourself back into a good head space. This happens to me every once in a while so don't worry!

    • FluffyKittenToeBeans


      I've calmed down for the most part. I've got my cat beside me (who will not stop following me around the house now) for comfort. This is also my second episode this week. Well, within the past 4 days.

  • Abcd1233


    This happens to me every time I have a panic attack! You’re not alone! It’s totally normal and just a part of dealing with anxiety and panic disorder. It’s terrifying in the moment, for me it’s a full body experience (full body tremors, sweats, lightheaded, extremely fast heart rate, difficulty breathing). It happens when I least expect it, and there’s usually nothing I can identify as a trigger. It helps me to sit up (i feel more grounded that way) and I remind myself that the physical symptoms are nothing serious, they are simply a reaction to my brain feeling extreme anxiety. The feeling always passes, and it helps me to eat a light snack and drink some water!

    • Brobi1


      I experience the same exact thing the same ways and it always turns into crying very hard for me. So much to the point Im exhausted afterwards. This has been going on the last several days and it gets very difficult for sure

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