hi, I've been trying so hard to work with my anxiety but its always there lurking for any little thing that may trigger it, usually any past guilt that my mind obsesses to the point that my stomach aches so so much that I stop eating, sleeping, & functioning. I feel as I long as I can think I will never fully recover or just recover. It's so exhausting living in a constant paranoia of myself, waiting for the anxiety to attack again and get so debilitating that I won't get through it this time around. Any advice ? l'm so upset with myself and how crazy it has gotten :(

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • SantanaRuth


    I feel this on a personal level and I wish I had some good advice. I try to live optimistically. It's really hard but it's something I can focus on.

  • Jazzy21


    Ok so whenever you feel anxious take a deep breath and tell your self is that realistic for example I'll tell you my personal story I lived on the 4th floor of an apartment I was always scared that someone would watch me through the window but I had to realistically think I'm on the 4th floor no one's gonna climb up the window just to watch me you have to be able to realize that your brain is making up ridiculous things and another thing if you're stressing or getting anxious over things that can't be controlled you just have to understand that life is gonna happen no matter what whether you stress about it or not it's still gonna happen honestly I don't know if it's entirely healthy but I just put it in the back of my mind and try not to worry about it because I'd rather be living happy instead of worrying the most important tool in my life is watching TV because when I watch TV the whole world disappears and I make sure that I put on a comfort show a good comedy or a cartoon and if it's like a Halloween episode or something scary I change it to the next episode it takes your mind off of what's bothering you and then when you're a little bit better you can and calm down a little bit hope this helps

  • smilebig98


    Yeah I think Jazzy has a good point. We have to learn how to accept uncertainty. Not allow ourselves to go down the revolving door of anxious questions. And like a couple months ago, I promise you I was having those same stomach issues/ eating issues due to a huge Anxiety/depression episode and meditating, I shit you not helped. There are apps that take you through a guided meditation breathing exercise and it helped me so much.

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