My HS rarely drains and usually stays under my skin when it gets super swollen. Are there any topical treatments you guys have tried for HS spots that don't drain?

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

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  • tori1


    i’m here for comments , i have one now but it’s just a lump under my skin on my buttock area and you can’t see anything there at all like it’s clear but i feel a lump and it hurts to sit

    • Kbot


      I had one like that a few weeks ago and I found that switching to looser men's underwear and loose pants for a while helped way more than I expected to take some pressure off and get the swelling down. My underwear wasn't even that tight in the first place. I don't mean to be like "have you tried x obvious solution" or anything. I hope we get some good suggestions!

  • beautywarrior


    I have one in my groin area now. Tried warm compresses. 😔 No drainage just there and it's painful at times when I sit a certain way. I can feel it but you can't see it and that's annoying. I never told my partner about HS. I must admit it's a little embarrassing especially when it's on certain areas,but now I feel like he's kinda looking at me funny about it 😔

    • tori1


      so i get mines on my bikini line, they come in different forms sometimes i’ll be cyst where it needs to drain and sometimes it’ll look like a blister/sore they comes in different forms and it’s painful because ill have to walk. but for a long time i didn’t want to really date because it’ll eventually get to a point where i’ll have to explain my HS or explain why i can’t do certain things at that moments because i’m in pain. but my partner it took me a long time to tell him about it but i told him about it and explain the condition to him and how it’s not anything i caused on myself. but he’s been very supportive and he really wanting to know more about it he asks a lot of question but he helps me and nurture me through those times because it’s times where i’ll be in so much pain where it’s big and needs to drain but won’t drain yet. but it was embarrassing for me too to explain it because i didn’t want him to think i was dirty or something. but he made me realize that i shouldn’t be embarrassed. he told me that i shouldn’t be ashamed for something that’s out of my control and how that’s not going to change how he feels about me. so me telling him about my HS made me be more open about my skin condition nobody knew about it not even my closest friends and family. so yea you don’t have to be embarrassed this not something you caused on yourself just try to talk to your partner about it.

  • lild


    I usually take antibiotics. But the best to do it is hot patches or hot wash cloth.

  • ChrisC2693


    Boil ease from CVS works best for me. Helps to dry it out and allow it to drain. Coconut oil is also good for when it's fevered.

  • Chrissyposi


    I got an operation for a big one that would refill everytime I thought I drained it. My dermatologist had to cut the area and literally take the sack out. No more in that area since but I have a big scar.

  • Kbot


    Thanks everyone for your answers! I will definitely try them out. Mine are so deep that I don't think they will actually drain or come to the surface, but maybe these things will help the inflammation go down anyways.

  • BeeDandelion


    My derm prescribed using benzoyl peroxide acne wash on cysts and then after washing and drying well to do clindamycin gel on it. I also do warm compresses. I make sure to use deodorant at night and not over apply bc that makes me get more HS problems.

  • LovelyBri


    @kbot mine are like that too, they never drain but leave horrible bruises and discoloration. My derm recommended cold compresses instead since it's inflammation and it's not an open wound or an infection. I also do hydrocortisone for the itchiness. I shower with hibiclens antiseptic soap and make sure to moisturize. I follow a dairy free, gluten free diet and i notice if i ever eat something that has dairy or gluten in it i break out more and on a bigger section. I shower twice a day and make sure to exfoliate at 2-3 times a week, that helps to keep the hair follicles clean and unblocked. This doesn't keep them away completely but they don't debilitate me like before, they're more manageable.

    • Kbot


      Im so glad to hear there's someone else like me! I do everything you do except gluten! I'll have to try that. I also don't eat dairy anymore and sugar is a huge trigger for me too, so I try to limit my intake to around 5-15 grams a day and that helps a ton. Thanks for your answer!

  • E_belli


    I find emuaid is magic.

  • Thistlethorn


    My derm prescribed Aczone for me, it really dries up stuff. Most of the time I take long baths with some essential oils and vitamin e to draw it out. My dermatologist straight up told me once they'd inject steroids to get it to stop tunneling, so that's a last resort!

    • Chrissyposi


      trust me, steroid injections works and dries it up very quickly. If you are in pain id recommend it. I get it whenever I have a flare up

  • spookyspoonie


    I am a huge advocate for the steroid injections. They don't hurt anywhere near as bad as I expected (and I've had them in very big open nasty wounds). They work the best for me. I also recently saw people on Instagram talking about putting Vicks vaporub on the ones that are not opened- they say it helps bring them to the surface and naturally open. I haven't tried that yet but found it interesting

    • Kbot


      I love the steroid injections too! They help a lot, they're just expensive. Cute username too!

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