How have you all controlled your vitiligo?

Disorders of skin pigmentation

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  • Bizz


    It's not much that you can control. You just have to admire the beauty that comes along with it

  • Diego_D


    I actually was a trial subject for one of the meds and the med messed up my kidneys. Since then I never used any med for my vitiligo and it hasnt spread since then (for about 12years now) except for one time. Instead, it is now shrinking in size somehow. I saw that if I go outside in the hot weather without sunscreen, my white patches turn pink after 2-3days and peels off, revealing darker spots. I like my vitiligo and thats my identity so I dont want it to go away. But if it does fade away, thats good. If it doesnt, I dont mind. My vitiligo thats on my scalp made some of my hairs go grey and I really love my hair color now. Its a mix between grey and black and I love it

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