I have a ton of symptoms and unsure exactly what could be wrong. Doctors have run blood tests and always say I’m fine. They seem to match PMDD symptoms very well (but sometimes not just around period, also comes when I’m extra stressed which is pretty much daily). Any advice?
-extreme fatigue
-extra heavy emotions (anxiety and depression)
-burning to pee
-vaginal cramping
-dripping sweat
-hot flashes
-low fever (sometimes)
-thighs and boobs get super small (weight loss, water weight?)
-stomach ulcers
-super hungry
-easy bruising
-feel dizzy when I stand up
-trouble falling asleep and staying asleep
-trouble concentrating
-super tight neck/shoulder/back muscles
-no sex drive

Low Mood


Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)


Memory Loss


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    Every month from the time I supposedly ovulate til the END of my period I get waves of symptoms, worse at night, and Dr's can't figure it out. My neck swells, my muscles feel too short and tight suddenly, I get intense fear and dilated pupils, dizzy and confused, sometimes I get whole body tremors during the bad episodes. Sometimes I get hives too, usually on one arm. It's terrifying and intense. I've gained alot of weight, despite eating less. Even when it's not the luteal phase, intense stress can bring on flares. Fatigue, waking up with hot flashes and tremors, cold sensitivity, migraines, low fever (around 100.8), brain fog. My crp and wbc elevate during flares too. I do not have answers but you aren't alone, for what that helps. I've been through so many drs and tests over the last 2 years. My primary dr has started to refer to me as their local medical mystery.

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