My psychiatrist is slowly switching me from Zoloft to Lexapro; going from 150 mg Zoloft to 100mg + 5mg Lexapro for two weeks, then 50mg Zoloft + 10mg Lexapro for the next two weeks, eventually I’ll just stay with Lexapro. Any advice on dealing with the fatigue? I know this is normal when switching meds and my body getting used to them, but I’m on day 4 and I’ve been completely zonked out, to the point I slept through 4 different alarms on Friday.



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  • RedandBlackFan


    Sleep through the switch if at all possible

  • Benny_Dusk


    I just recently added Wellbutrin to my mix and I got sleepy the first few days. Caffeine, caffeine and also exercise. Idk why but pushing myself to walk just around the block helped me even though I felt like I couldn’t move. Not sure if it was the sunshine or the exercise but it helped me with the transition a whole lot!

  • RedandBlackFan


    That’s a great thing to do if you can do that! 👍

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