Obviously pain is weird so I know it can show up in odd ways, but I was wondering if anyone has felt this before. I have severe back pain that is especially bad today. I also have slight chest pain from time to time. Today, both are going on and it almost feels like my back is stabbing my into my chest. Does that sound like what anyone has happen?

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  • Oouchthathurts


    Maybe you should call your primary doctor’s office to speak with a nurse to see if you should be seen in the office if this continues.

  • Mira.P.Takki


    I agree with the above comment, as it is always good to keep your primary updated of how your condition is shifting. However, there I frequently have “chest pain” with my back pain. For me, this is not actually Chest pain, as in Cardiac pain, but is however, rib pain due to my ribs shifting under and over my sternum as I move. It’s a horrible combination. Some things to consider when documenting or describing your pain to your providers would be: 1) Location of pain within the chest, torso, abdomen. 2) Is your pain constant or does it come and go with movement or as your breathe? 3) Is it causing you nausea/difficult breathing/sweating? 4) Is your pain radiating to any other location? Ie. Does it shoot up to your jaw or down your leg or something of the sort!? I wish you all the luck!

  • Anura


    I get middle back pain that feels like it's radiating through my stomach and makes me feel super nauseous until I realize it's actually my back that hurts

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