I just got diagnosed with endometriosis and didn’t really get any advice from my doctor. What is something I can do to help the condition? I’m kind of in the dark right now.


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  • Cannamae


    I just got diagnosed too, but technically it’s an unofficial diagnosis until they do a laparoscopic diagnostic surgery. My OBGYN referred me to an OBGYN surgeon to meet with and discuss next steps, as surgery is really the only way to diagnose and treat endo. In the meantime I’ve been using lots of Advil, medical cannabis, etc. for the pain.

  • Endoem


    My biggest tip would be to look into Endometriosis specialists that specialize in excision surgery!!! SO many doctors/OBGYN’s try to treat endo- but are unqualified. This is something I wish I knew before getting a hack job surgery from an OBGYN.

  • Endoem


    If you’re looking for a community of endo warriors to relate with, you can follow my Instagram/tiktok @endometriosisem 💕 The endo community has taught me everything there is to know!!

  • ViLevi12


    I use a lot of heat (I have a pad at work) rotate 15 mins on 15 mins off you can burn yourself really easily Avoid gluten and dairy when possible Try and keep exercising I was doing a little yoga everyday and it helped

  • Sweetheart95


    Continue to do research and don’t always go with your doctors opinion especially when it comes to your medicine .

  • Neomi


    Try to read some stories about other women with the condition, like in this app. For me it helped me to understand better what are the symptoms that are caused by the disease and get familiar with different treatment approach. Good luck!

  • tallgirl22


    Nancy’s nook is a great website with lots of research to help guide you through the process. It has helped me a ton with advocating for the treatment I need

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