how do you guys cope with PTSD flashbacks?

I’m in the midst of one and it’s been one of the worst I’ve had by far. None of my usual coping mechanisms (exercise, meditation & breathing techniques, yoga, spending time outdoors, baking, reading, spending time with loved ones, etc.) are helping.

I feel so depressed that I don’t want to get out of bed (and frankly going out in the world has been such a struggle for me). I’m forcing myself to, but it has been really difficult. The feelings of hopelessness, depression, anxiety and self-doubt are becoming too overwhelming for me to fight and I’m just so tired. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know, thank you🥰❤️

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  • Dayze


    I highly recommend reading a book I just got called traumatized by Kati Morton, LMFT

  • Dayze


    I'm currently using that book to try and help myself since I can't find a therapist or psychiatrist in my area that specializes in truama

  • ashe_22


    I know its random but I have found that taking a nap sometimes helps. I feel like it helps sort through my brain and it helps calm me down. Knowing where you're feelings are coming from. Such as if it is a now feeling or if the flashback is causing it.

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