one of the two conditions i was diagnosed with this week is hemiplegic migraines. i have chronic migraines and cluster headaches on a regular basis unfortunately, but this felt very different and honesty quite unnerving when it happened. and due to how scary the attack that i had recently was, and how it didn't feel like my normal migraines at all, i've started to form quite a bit of anxiety over having another attack. my doctor believes this is the second attack i've had in two months of this particular type of migraine, due to the stroke-like symptoms i had in december and again before i was admitted to hospital earlier this week. i don't really know what i'm asking in this post but i guess are there any good ways of staying calm when a hemiplegic migraine occurs? i think losing feeling in the right side of my body and not being able to talk or see anything properly, but without the usual migraine pain, really unnerved me. i've had aura without pain in the past but this felt different and i didn't feel in control of my body. and i think not being able to control my face and arm alarmed me. my doctor says hemiplegic migraines can present more intensely when you're ill and i've been severely anaemic and had a viral infection recently, but she said that it's likely i will continue to have these attacks but couldn't specify the frequency. i think that's what worries me.. i could be fine one second and then have an attack the next, especially if i'm at work where this would be a major issue. i'm sure i'll adapt like i have with other issues, i'm probably just worrying about it because it's different to every other migraine and headache i've had in the past.

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  • nsiberian


    That is so scary!! Sounds like you got diagnosed quickly, that is a good thing. What are they doing for you to help this?

    • lemonmoon


      Yeah, when I found out how rare it apparently is I was quite surprised at how quickly they managed to diagnose it! They said that due to the medication I take for nerve pain and my normal migraines, there isn't any additional preventive medication I can take (and that there's not really any proof any of them work anyway) but that I can try to seek treatment at hospitals that are familiar with certain procedures during an attack to lessen the duration of the certain visual and aura symptoms (though it won't help with pain apparently) but it seems very difficult to access, especially when in that kind of state, anyway, so not very viable tbh. They pretty much gave me a speech on staying calm when the attacks hit and understanding my symptoms in order not to panic, but that there's nothing that can prevent them or predict their frequency. I'm hoping that I'll somehow adapt to them in the future, and that they just feel scary now because it was something very different than what I've experienced but that may be wishful thinking

      • nsiberian


        that is insane. I'm so sorry there's no help for the pain, no steroid shots? I wish you the best!!!

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