Advice on how to deal with anxiety without being medicated?? American healthcare sucks ass.

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  • lilypetal


    There’s some breathing methods you could try the 4x4 or 4x7x8 one I recommend inhaling an essential oil like lavender when breathing in, there’s tapping/eft techniques where u can tap certain points (message me if u want a full guide) my mom showed me tapping and it’s helped, when I did dbt the tipp rule helped me so T- temperature so for me putting an ice pack on my face or splashing myself w cold water, hot bath I- Intense exercise even jumping jacks is good, what helps me is weightlifting at the gym P- paced breathing so u could try the breathing exercises I mentioned before P- paired muscle relaxation- this would be tensing and releasing muscles- u could start by your feet and work yourself up I would look up some distress tolerance skills for dbt because these also helped me when I was feeling rly anxious but another thing I would try is to distract yourself from the anxiety (as hard as it sounds) so working out, watching something entertaining..etc It’s hard but I’m proud of u for reaching out, I have a tough time managing my anxiety without meds but these have helped me so hopefully they can go to some use:”)

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