i don’t know if others experience this but i have lost friends due to my chronic illnesses. i struggled with it for a while and although it is getting better, it can still be really hard. did anyone else go through this?

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

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  • deepdowndark


    I have been thankful enough to have no lost friends but I feel like I could because I am so exhausted all the time

    • emilie_b


      i wasn’t able to keep up with them so they kinda left. it sucks but we’re juniors i’m high school if they don’t wanna try to understand i’m not going to be able to change that

  • Riverstone


    I am struggling with this right now, even though I don't think I'm losing my friends, they just can't relate. What helped for me is to be very upfront about what is going on with me mentally and physically. It's hard to be vulnerable, though, especially when you're young. Would it help maybe if you suggested activities that are suitable for your condition? Movies/walks/whatever you enjoy and are able to do. Hang in there, real friends stick around ❤️

  • MajesticPotato


    Same they were never friends if they can’t take you for who you are

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