I can manage writing two pages in my journal until the pain gets so bad I have to stop. This is such a good hobby for me and it forces me to give a shit about my health so it can get to me sometimes. I have to hold my pen different than when I was a kid because there is nothing keeping my fingertips from hyperextending. It used to be easier when I painted as I built strength from consistent work but all my illnesses got worse so the chronic pain is up. How do you manage hand pain? Are there certain aids like gloves or braces that make this easier?

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  • eth0sien


    I also have issues with writing, I can’t write more than a few sentences without my hand cramping up and my fingers going stiff and hurting. I have compression gloves that don’t really do anything, but usually the way I manage is by taking breaks frequently while writing and typing things out whenever possible.

  • Bijoux_bean22


    I don’t write much because I have chronic pain in the hand that I would write with. It can be sad but I let it go and enjoy the good days when I can write and draw.

  • chronicallyfab


    Silver rings splints have been very helpful to me! I use them when I type, they can be challenging to use for writing but they can help stabilize your joints after writing.

  • kee


    i’m in the same boat right now, one thing i’ve found helps me is wrapping my pens in a ton(and i mean a ton) of duct tape so they’re about the width of a big sharpie. the increased width helps so much with my hand pain as i’m not squeezing as hard!

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