I’ve seen 12 different doctors/specialists at the Cleveland Clinic regarding the extreme increase in body heat while I try to sleep at night. They all don’t have an idea as to what is causing this issue. I’ve seen my psychiatrist as well as a couple pharmacists. I do not get night sweats. It’s like my body turns into a furnace or even a heating pad turned on to the high setting. Every inch of my skin feels so hot to the touch. It wakes me up every hour throughout the night.

Anyways, I take 200mg of Wellbutrin SR twice a day and 20mg of Buspirone three times a day typically. Almost 2 weeks ago, my psychiatrist only decreased my Buspirone by 10mg so I take 50mg total in a day in an attempt to see if it helps with the body heat and to report back to him this coming Wednesday. The extreme body heat issue while I try to sleep remains. Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with my bed sheets, mattress, temperature in my room, humidity, light or noise. I have an ideal sleep hygiene routine.

Please, does anyone else experience this?




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