hello :)) i don’t really have any questions at the moment but i wanted to introduce myself. i’m an artist, i’m in school for an arts administration degree, and i have crippling mental illnesses lol. i don’t know of anyone else around me that has bipolar specifically and i’m looking for a therapist (which is extremely difficult for me, i get exhausted having to restart and explain everything) so i thought this would be a cool place to talk to others with the same illness as me. i’m not on my phone a lot or very good at responding quickly, but don’t be shy!

Bipolar Disorder

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  • poppyblue


    Hi there! I’m an artist too! (Arts admin is a cool major btw) i recently graduated college but I’ve been dealing with bipolar since I was 15, sounds like we might be quite similar! I’d love to chat and talk about art :)

  • MalOrIe


    Hello! It is super hard to find others with Bipolar. That’s why I’m here! I was diagnosed a couple years ago after YEARS of being wrongly diagnosed. So many meds pushed me into mania. I would love to chat some more! 🤗

  • Mosey


    Oh I have Bipolar 1 w/ psychotic features. I totally relate to switching therapists, I just switched because my old one referred me to get a service they couldn’t provide. I’m dreading the first appointment where I have to explain everything my old therapist already knew.

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