Has anyone heard of Amy yes girl and her supplements and vitamins? If you don’t take her vitamins and supplements what do you take to treat your MTHFR?


MTHFR Mutation

Folic Acid

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  • Iluvkk


    I purchased Kindle books that help. “Dirty Genes” Author Dr. Ben Lynch. Go to Amazon. They really have helped. Methyl folate and B-12 are the two (2) most important supplements with this mutation. Stay away from folic acid. There’s so much more though. You really need to research it. That’s your best bet. I’m surprised I’m the first to comment? Where’s all our Alikes? Best of luck in your journey. 👍

  • MargotAmelie


    I take Deplin 15. Total game changer. After 6mos, my life had immeasurably improved. Be patient with it, as this treatment isn't like taking a Tylenol. Your body and brain have to heal and adjust to properly converting nutrients.

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