What are some treatments beside medications that have helped you?


Cataplexy & Narcolepsy

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  • Sleepyandsad


    One of my worst symptoms is psychological: guilt. The guilt of feeling like a burden for being so exhausted, needing to rest and sleep so much and so often, not being able to partake in activities like others can. So for me, the best treatment was Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) because it allowed me to change my thinking in this regard and reframe my thoughts away from guilt and toward self-understanding and self-kindness.

  • vanbingbing


    Low carb, low sugar diet

  • Dreameevee


    I’ve been recently experimenting with food as it gives me sleep attacks. I’ll eat snacks and small meals during work hours. I try to stay away from carbs and fatty food as much as I can.

  • alliillaalli


    Starvation til night time for me. Tried taking literally one bite of a strawberry and passed out for the day -.- so I just don't eat til I'm ready to sleep, unfortunately. Caffeine every day. Therapy to cope with the guilt of having this disorder and the constant ableism of others. And weed, if it's the right kind and in small amounts.

    • Libby123


      I’ve had success with starvation until night time as well. Eating puts me into a very literal food-coma, i pass out for at least 1.5 hours after any meal

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